Meera Mishra ….Appellant(s) VERSUS Satish Kumar & Ors. ….Respondent(s)

fair price shop – Licence was cancelled – filed appeal before commissioner – commissioner dismissed the appeal – writ – High court set aside the commissioner order – but mainly on the ground that it was not a reasoned order –  make no observation regarding restoration of licence – Apex court held that In   our   considered   opinion,   the   High   Court having held that the order of the Commissioner was not legally sustainable because it was an unreasoned order, it had two options to follow. One, to decide the controversy on merits in the writ petition itself and the other to remand the case to the Commissioner for deciding the appeals afresh on merits in accordance with law by passing reasoned order after dealing with all the contentions raised by the parties in support of their case. – Remanded the case to dispose afresh.