Mallappa Dead by L.Rs. & Ors. ….Appellant(s) VERSUS The Special Land Acquisition Officer & Anr. …Respondent(s)

Land acquisition Act – Trial court fixed market value at 21,000/-. The High Court  reduced the same and fixed the market rate at Rs.14,500/­ per Gunta and deducting 30% towards development charges fixed at Rs.10,250/­ per Gunta. – Apex court held that there is enough evidence to prove the potentiality of the land in question as would   be   clear   from   the   findings   of   the   Land Acquisition Officer  Apart from it, the landowners have also proved the market value of the land in question by filing 10 sale deeds wherein it is established   that   price   of   the   land   situated   in   the adjacent area has varied from Rs.7250/­ per Gunta to Rs.57,000/­ per Gunta between 1977 till 1982we are of the view that there was no justifiable

reason  for  the  High  Court  to  reduce  the  rate  from Rs.21,000/­ per Gunta to Rs.14,500/­ per Gunta and then   deducting   30%   towards   development   charges fixed at Rs. 10,250/­  per Gunta and held that we consider just and proper to fix Rs.21,000/­ per Gunta as the market value of the land in question and after deducting   10% towards the development

charges fix the market price of the land in question at Rs.18,900/­  per Gunta.