Hon’ble Justice
Ashok Bhushan

Whether the Central Government while exercising its power   of   nomination   under   Section   3(3)   of   1963   Act   is obliged to consult the Council of Ministers/Chief Minister of   Government   of   Union   Territory   of   Puducherry   and   the nomination by Central Government can only be made with the concurrence of the Government of Puducherry? – No –

Apex court held that  we are of the clear opinion   that   nomination   in   the   Legislative   Assembly   of Puducherry   is   not   the   Business   of   the   Government   of Puducherry.   It   is   a   business   of   Central   Government   as   per Section   3(3)   of   Act,   1963   which   is   to   be   carried   out   in accordance   with   the   Government   of   India   (Allocation   of Business) Rules, 1961 and Government of India (Transaction of Business) Rules, 1961.Further, specific authority to nominate in the Legislative Council has been conferred by

law i.e. under Section 3 to the Central Government. Thus no breach of federal principles are made out and the submission on the basis of breach of federal principles in nomination by the Central Government is unfounded.  

Whether   the   nominated   members   in   the   Legislative Assembly shall have no voting right in two matters, i.e., (i)   budget   and   (ii)   no­   confidence   motion   against   the Government? – No-

Apex court held that   the   composition   of   Legislative Assembly   itself   consists   of   both   persons   chosen   by   direct election   and   persons   nominated   by   the   Central   Government.

Both   elected   and   nominated   persons   are   part   of   Legislative Assembly.  The expression “every member of   the   Legislative   Assembly   of   the   Union   territory”   shall include   both   elected   and   nominated   members.Section 12(1) provides that all questions at any sitting

of the Legislative Assembly of the Union territory shall be determined by a majority of votes of the members  present and voting other than the Speaker or person acting as such. When provision of sub­section(1) clearly   provides   no   voting     by   Speaker,       if   intention   of Legislature was to exclude the votes of nominated members, the said   expression   was   bound   to   find   included   in   the sub­section(1).     The   conclusion   is   inescapable   that   all members including the nominated members are entitled to vote in the sitting of the Legislative Assembly and the submission of Shri Sibal that nominated members cannot exercise vote in budget  and  no  confidence  motion has to  be  rejected.