whether the subsequent purchasers from the plaintiffs can be impleaded as parties to the lis ? – yes-

Hon’ble Mrs. Justice R. Banumathi 

 Or.1 rule 10 CPC-  The   Respondent   Nos.   1    to  4   filed      the   suit   for  declaration of title and recovery of possession  in the year 2002  – The appellants herein,     claimed       that       they   have    purchased    the    suit  property by two sale deeds for valuable consideration from respondent nos. 1 to 4 -plaintiffs  in the year 2012- pending the suit.  -The appellants   herein       filed interlocutory application to implead themselves on the basis    of     their     sale    deeds -Respondent    Nos  5    6,   the defendants in the suit resisted the application contending that the sale deeds are fraudulent since respondent nos. 1 to 4-plaintiffs        themselves     do     not    have      the      title      and      they themselves are seeking for declaration of the title.-

Trail court dismissed the same on the ground that they are subsequent purchasers and not bonafide purchasers and if they were impleaded, it can be presumed that the plaintiffs title was accepted  –

the High Court which again came to be dismissed –

Apex court held that  No doubt respondent nos. 1 to 4 – plaintiffs have filed the suit for declaration of their title alleging that their title is disputed and that cannot in any way be an impediment for the appellants who are the subsequent purchasers, for being    impleaded. whether    the    purchase     by    the appellants is bona fide or not is to be agitated only at the time     of       the    trial   after    the     parties       adduce     oral    and documentary evidence. Since the appellants have purchased the suit property after the filing of the suit, in order to have

an effective adjudication and also to afford opportunity to the appellants, the impleading application  is to be allowed – set aside the orders both courts and allowed the petition.