seeking to declare the action of the 2nd respondent in interfering with the sale and supply of bio-products of the petitioner firm as illegal.

A balance has to be
maintained in the facts and circumstances of the case, but
such balance must have the sanction of law. The existing
provisions are the provisions of Insecticides Act and
Fertilizer (Control) Order. The provisions of these two
enactments are sufficient to regulate the activities of the
petitioners. Before taking any action on suspicion, it is
necessary for the authorities to take a sample of the product
in which the petitioners are dealing. On the basis of such
sample only, the respondent authorities can see whether one
or the other provisions of the said enactments can be
applied. The respondents cannot interfere with the activities
of the petitioners without following due process of law. The
petitioners are entitled to exercise their fundamental right
guaranteed under Article 19 (1)(g) of the Constitution of
India, but the said right is subject to a restriction enunciated
in the said Article.