Suit for specific performance – after amendement of Sec.10 specific performance is not the discretion of the court – specific performance can be given for the rest of property if any difficult was arose for the agreed property under Sec,12 of SRA

A contractee who frustrates a contract deliberately by his own wrongful acts cannot be permitted to escape scot free. After having entered into an agreement for sale of 300 Sq. yards of land, with her eyes open, and accepted a major part of the consideration (Rs.45,000/- out of Rs.75,000/-) it does not lie in the mouth of the Vendor to contend that the contract should not have specifically been enforced in part, in respect of the balance 200 sq. yards meters of the suit land which the Vendor still owned.

 After the amendment of Section 10 of the S.R.A., the words “specific performance of any contract may, in the discretion of the Court, be enforced” have been substituted with the words “specific performance of a contract shall be enforced subject to …”. The Court is, now obliged to enforce the specific performance of a contract, subject to the provisions of sub-section (2) of Section 11, Section 14 and Section 16 of the S.R.A. Relief of specific performance of a contract is no longer discretionary, after the amendment.

The plea of bar under Order II Rule 2 of the CPC is a technical plea which has to be pleaded and satisfactorily established. In R. A. Oswal v. Deepak Jewellers and Ors. 3 , this Court held that if the plea of bar under Order II Rule 2 is not taken, the Court should not suo moto decide the plea.