whether while releasing the appellant­accused on default bail/statutory bail under Section 167(2), Cr.P.C., any condition of deposit of amount as imposed by the High Court, could have been imposed?


The   circumstances   while   considering   the   regular   bail application   under   Section   437   Cr.P.C.   are   different,   while considering the application for default bail/statutory bail.  Under the circumstances, the condition imposed by the High Court to deposit Rs.8,00,000/­, while releasing the appellant on default bail/ statutory bail is unsustainable and deserves to be quashed and set aside. 10. Now so far as condition no. (d) imposed by the High Court, namely, directing the appellant to report before the concerned police   station   daily   at   10:00   a.m.,   until   further   orders,   for interrogation is concerned, the same is also unsustainable, as it is   too   harsh.     Instead,   condition   which   can   be   imposed   is directing the appellant to cooperate with the investigating officer in completing the investigation and to remain present before the concerned police station for investigation/interrogation as and when   called   for,   and   on   breach   the   investigating   officer   can approach   the   concerned  court  for   cancellation   of   the   bail  on breach of such condition. 11 11. In view of the above and for the reasons stated above, the present   appeals   succeed.     Condition   No.   (b)   of   order   dated 24.06.2020 passed by the High Court in Criminal OP(MD) No. 6214   of   2020,   i.e.,   directing   the   appellant   to   deposit Rs.8,00,000/­ to the credit of crime No. 31 of 2019 before the learned Judicial Magistrate, Court No.1, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari District, while releasing the appellant on default bail, is hereby quashed and set aside.  Condition no. (d), namely, directing the appellant to report before the concerned police station at 10:00 a.m.   daily,   until   further   orders   for   interrogation   is   hereby modified to the extent and it is directed that the appellant shall co­operate  with   the  investigating  agency  and  shall   report  the concerned   police   station   as   and   when   called   for investigation/interrogation   and   on   non­cooperation,   the consequences including cancellation of the bail shall follow.  Rest of   the   conditions   imposed   by   the   High   Court   in   order   dated 24.06.2020 are maintained.